Friday, 2 September 2011

time moves at inconsistent speeds in my life.

so today has been a slow day, and ironically, this is what i started drawing.

as per usual, all my pencils/paint and general colour stuff is at home, so had to stop after the linework.

in other news, just read about this..... which looks awesome. gutted i gotta work thurs... but anyone in london lucky enough to have thurs 8th sept off, i'd recommend u go check it out and maybe buy something fucking amazing......

in other news, mike uploaded the video of me dancing the chronological dances i had the displeasure of witnessing at the Peacocks gig the other night. here's a link....
i'm not sure how public his video's are on facebook, so if u r not his friend, and cant watch it, dont get too upset. dont say i didnt try.

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