Thursday, 15 September 2011

hand me down

so, 1st up is Terry's hand i did the other day. Terry is a fellow tattooer, so it was an honour to be given such an awesome chunk of flesh. :)

super fun piece, and he sat like a rock. 

in other news, i recently went to visit an old graveyard up in Hampstead. I dont tend to just go hang around graveyards, but i was meeting a friend, and early, so yeah, why not.

got some nice photos, the graves there are so eclectic, gotta love it.

2nd name down. check it :)

i think this higgldypiggldy one is my favourite!

also spotted this atrociously punned gym....

in other news, i actually went to a gym up near my place the other day. i'm not gonna lie, i got lost trying to find it, but found a new park to take milo to (trust me, when u got a dog and you discover a new park, i think it's on par with how Columbus musta felt), and found a few other cool things....

this place was humungous. the photo doesn't do it justice. "who lives in a house like this?"

took one wrong turning.... and suddenly i was on a street that i'm 99% certain got airlifted from a cute village somewhere far outta london. this pub got me excited. now i just gotta find someone to take there...

and how kick ass is this place? pretty damn kickass i say.

ely tattooed a chocolatier yesterday, and she came bearing gifts. kick ass moustache lollies.

and i found a comic book about buddha yesterday. random. awesome. yes.

til next time.... 

stay weird and wonderful,
coz that's what u are.
weird and wonderful...
like a chicken in a bra.

true story.

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