Monday, 16 January 2012

1 shot 2 shot 3 shot down

so, birthday celebrations are well and truly over, and i'm quite relieved. phew. that was hard work.

i have no photos to show, as i didn't have a camera. kerry took some pics but i'm yet to see them.

so, here's a video of her dancing with some random....

and here's a sweet toy i bought for her to surely propel her to becoming a better pilot....

(the end is the best bit.)

so, today i had 3 nice custom 1-shots in. only photographed 2 of them, which i shall share....

right now!

i also managed to get enough time to splice Lulu's newest addition to her work together into some sort of comprehensive viewing system. ...

click to enlarge, as always.

oh, a customer of mine posted a very arty photo of her back which i tattooed on the F8 wall, so thought i'd share as my photos tend to look a lot more... bloody.

so, tomorrow i gotta take milo to the vet, poor guy (he's fine, just jabs, but he hates them)

wednesday i have absolutely nothing booked in, so swing by, get some ink, bring me a coffee... or just point and laugh at me. anything to help pass the time really.


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