Wednesday, 18 January 2012

i only went out for a pint of milk...

so, seeing as this morning i had no bookings, 5 tattoos later and i'm pretty tired!

anyways, had a sweet pop punker from New York come and get his first ever tattoo... nothing wrong with a bit o'Blinky now....

we went through our top 5 favourite pop punk bands of the 90's...
mine being (no mean feat, lemme tell ya!)

1. face to face

2. good riddance


4. lawrence arms

5. screeching weasel

wait, weasel have been around since the 80's.... so surely i get to chose another....

5. All

now i had a hard time finding any half decent videos, except one for "she's my ex" with clips from high fidelity, but that's too weird for me, coz this very morning i was talking to someone bout that book, and what with my customer and his "top 5" thing.... too weird

so that's it.

back to work, and my next customer was a doozy! he came in wanting a name just blacked out on his arm.... and after me giving him a scalding, a finger shake in face and a very long "ooooooohhhhh" whilst shaking head (honestly, i reacted like a granny scalding a kid for swearing....
he got a rose.

funny thing is, he was all 
"i only popped out for a pint of milk!" when i was done. 


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