Monday, 23 January 2012


so, super fun piece i just did. have been looking forward to this since he came in. very laid back, didn't bring any reference, and just wanted an old school hula girl, but not the sailor jerry one. so thats what i drew, and here it is.

in other news, i went round Spitalfields yesterday with Rory, which was fun. Haven't been round that area in the daytime for quite some time. Maybe the Russian prison exhibition i went to when i first moved back... anyways, it's been a while, and change is as good as a holiday.

Trawled around a few markets, bought hats and knitwear, and some new glasses frames (i lost my favourite pair on Saturday :( which is devastating to say the least.)
Rory has the patience of a saint, as i pretty much felt the need to walk around every stall. 

Got some cool photos out and about too... 

yes yes. all in all a splendid day really.

after which we went for food, i had roast chicken and found the most insane bone during the mean. i think the chicken was trying to kill me. 
true story.

after dinner we went for a pint at the fairly extortionate Dirty Dicks, missed an amazing old man photo op (Oh! rory... here's the link!), but this text message cheered me up a little! haha


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