Monday, 30 January 2012

Brighton n Back

So, back from Brighton. Was a good ol' weekend. Had a few nice pieces booked in, first of which was a swallow and anchor on a neck of all places. Great way to start! not really. Luckily i had my headlamp, so i could see what i was doing. She sat really well too. champ.

T'was a lifesaver.

Anyways, the next day i had Lulu in for some octopodes...

was super duper fun to do. Had a smile on my face the whole time.

Also had a cute little walk in at the end of the day Sun... which was nice, as i had someone flake on me just before she came along.

In other news, after a lot of 'umming' and 'ahhing' I entered my backpiece for "best large colour"...
and won.

The trophy is fucking RAD... and i might cry when Jay comes to collect it, coz it's the coolest thing ever. i have grown quite attached to those little guys...

ah well, i treated myself to a kickass deck from a cool stall with very friendly men and cool hats.

So anyways, i'm the only one back at work, as the refurb aint finished, so i'm tattooing out of a little corner surrounded by mayhem. My customer was travelling from Sweden, so she couldn't reschedule, and it was a fun piece to do anyways....

tonight i'm off for another art history talk in the pub, this time the theme is "suicide in medieval art".
should be enlightening.

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