Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I'm not quite finished, but he sure was! haha, sounds so wrong...

So did a good few hours on a rib piece today. Wont get to finish it off for a good few months, as he's leaving HK for a wee while, but thought I'd post it anyways....I took down the "work in progress" section on the website, coz it was building up, and i was getting sick of seeing work that it seems i'll never get to finish for one reason or another.

brennen ribs

I'm hoping, this will not be another one in the same predicament! Anyways, as expected, he did not enjoy the ribs (putting it lightly, but i'm pleased with the outcome, got enough done for it not to look like a totally unfinished piece.... even though it is! haha, i dunno, it makes sense to me.

Anyways, tomorrow, DAY OFF! but its not gonna feel like one, i got a lot of designs that need doing, and other plans, which may..... involve bowling, which is never a bad thing til the morning after. (could say the same about a lot of stuff, but good ol' bowling doesnt sound sick or twisted. i love bowling......anyway, off track and wasting my time and yours,if u r still reading.....)

OK i'm done!

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