Friday, 8 August 2008

Monkey toys, "punk" bands & skaters

So this week has been absolutely insane! Firstly, I went down to the Ani Con, where I purchased a sweet ass airbrushing monkey with a detatchable head and a glow in the dark skull. AWESOME! (Good job Winson...keep it up!) So, I knew it was gonna be crowded, but it was worse than the pit at the Live and Loud Festival, where I was tattooing at (I'm liking how I linked them in so smoothly....cunning.....)

So yeah, Live and Loud, for those of ya who dont know, was a one day music festival, with acts like New Found Glory, Lostprophets, Simple Plan....One Republic....blah blah. Anyways, I got asked to tattoo at the festival, which was pretty sweet, and we got a bunch of free tickets for our friends too! So I got a good few hours o' tattooing in, then we went to go watch the bands. None of the bands were really my cuppa tea music-wise, but they were really nice guys & good times were had by all.

Here are some pics of the night....

LAura's concert 048

LAura's concert 029

Yesterday I got to tattoo a really awesome piece on an inline skater called Erik Bailey who's doing some demo's here in HK. And today was pretty mental, 6 pieces booked in, well 7 booked in but 6 showed up! At the moment i'm fully booked til the 23rd, so it's all go I tell ya!


Until next time....

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