Sunday, 17 August 2008

Buzz dip buzz dip buzz story of my life!

So today was pretty crazy busy. From the minute I arrived at work to just about now, was solid tattooing. First off was the second session on the bio mec sleeve, got 3 hours done, didn't quite finish all the black shading, still got some left in the inner arm, but alas, shit happens. second was the beginning of a full sock, got half the linework and black shading in on that.

Tomorrow, i've got a back piece in, seems like big is the way forward at the moment, and trust me, i'm not complaining! Tomorrow I gotta head to Central before work for a magazine interview, should be good. But seriously, i cant wait til wednesday so i can just sleep the day through!

Heres what i managed to get done on the sleeve earlier.....


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