Saturday, 16 August 2008

We're all dead on our feet by the time we meet.

So yesterday I tattooed a BMX'r from the U.S of A called Andrew Alvarez who was here doing demo's.
Nice little piece I squeezed in between 2 others, ended up right in the ditch, which sucks! I remember when i got my ditch tattooed, I woke up the next morning with the inside of my elbow completely stuck together. Took a bit of effort to prize it apart I tell ya! Anyways, here's the pic...


Doing a second session on the BioMec sleeve tomorrow, getting all the black shading in which will really pull it all together. For some reason, the past 2 weeks or so sem to have been declared "get a bio mec tattoo" week, coz in the 2 and a bit years we've been open here, i've had nobody ask for it, and now i got a sock, sleeve and maybe another sleeve lined up! Weird.

Anyways, just did the last piece of the day, so looks like I'll be able to get back in time to meet up with all my friends who will no doubt be drunk by the time i get back to my neck of the woods. Looks like I got some catching up to do......

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