Monday, 24 May 2010


The bad gains respect through imitation, the good loses it especially in art.
Friedrich Nietzsche

so i found this the other day......on some shitty tattoo shops gallery on facebook.

it's funny, looks an awful like a tattoo i did 2 years ago, eh?!

i know stuff like this happens all the time, but i just cant help feeling bad for my customer who wanted something that nobody else had, and now some douchebag is walking around with a bad imitation.

anyways, in other news i did a nice lil' cap on a half sleeve today,

just finished up for the day and waiting for jill to finish up to so i can get some food in me. gotsta get up stoopid early tomorrow to go to a casting for a tv commercial. joy.


biggs said...

Hey, I'm a religious follower! Just thought I'd let you know. :-) loving your work - keep updating x

Julia Seizure said...

thanks biggs! always nice to know people actually read this and even better....enjoy it!

El Patron said...

Pah- northerners eh - can't trust 'em ;)