Wednesday, 11 May 2011

fighting like a coward.... running like the brave

so. yesterday, nice lil' day trip outta london to sunny ol' maidstone for another session on my backpiece. coming along nicely, got a big ol' chunk done. i'm starting to wonder if jay's gonna be taking inspiration from what underwear i wear each time. i always knew i had to be careful what i wore.... and now i know why. good thing i wasn't wearing spongebob undies or anything.

woke up this morning completely stuck to my bedding. had quite a mission getting outta that groggy pre-brain functioning escapade. have also completely given up on attempting to apply cream to it too. sometimes having 4 extra arms like a hindu deity seems like the perfect resolve. oh well, maybe in my next incarnation. 

in other news, i'm still getting mail for ummmmm..... yeah.....

lastly, thought i'd share this lil' piece of awesomeness.

cheered me up royally the other night.

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