Friday, 6 May 2011

Too square for a circle of friends.

So.... last night i tagged along to this place to see an exhibition by Hispanic tattoo artists. I'm not sure if it had an official name, so let's call it "Gringo-getters" coz i'm sure that's cooler than whatever it was called anyways. Was a really cool building. Used to be a squat, but has recently been transformed into a maze of wonders.

Was nice bumping into some mates, and it was a pretty cool night. Gotta say, there was a distinct fascist vibe with some of the security though. kinda weird.

So yeah, other than that, not been up to much. Did this the other day though, and never got round to posting it, so here's some eye candy for y'all.

til next time.... and thanks for lookin!

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