Saturday, 21 May 2011

folk you.

so last night after i got back from my ghost hunting, i was lucky enough to catch the 3 part BBC series "Folk America". it was awesome viewing. kept me up far too late, but was well worth it. For anyone into blues, country and folk, check it out.

here's part 1 for you luvvies!

i'll warn ya, it aint a short video, so get comfy.

i cant remember if it was in the 2nd part or the 3rd part, but some woman was talking bout the depression, and she says:
 "i was keeping my baby sister warm, and i look over to my Mama, and a rat was eating her eyebrows off!"

mental. anyways, google it, watch it online whatever. well worth it.

in other news, now i'm living solo, i am constantly paranoid about forgetting my keys at work, so i quickly did this.....

(i wrote it on my hand after unlocking the shop, and the whole time i was tattooing, it was showing thru my gloves clear as day, so i figured "fuck it. i'll make it as permanent as me.")

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