Wednesday, 25 May 2011

monkey to man

So i am sooooooooooooooo excited about going to this later on! woop woop!

here's a write up taken from here

Award-winning performer Baba Brinkman premieres the music videos – devised from his acclaimed show The Rap Guide to Evolution – that he hopes will get the world more engaged with science.
From Natural Selection to Evolutionary Psychology and everything in between, Baba has created some original raps and mixed well-know tracks that will lay bare the truth of Evolution at this exclusive event.
Baba’s aim is simple in principle but bold in practice – to combine the wit, poetry and charisma of an accomplished rapper with the accuracy, knowledge and expertise of an evolutionary scientist. Having performed The Rap Guide to Evolution at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009, Baba was awarded a Scotsman Fringe First Award for Best New Theatre Writing as he combined original raps with remixes of well-known tracks – chronicling Natural Selection, Sexual Selection and Evolutionary Psychology.
The initial show which inspires the music videos and supporting materials was developed in response to a challenge from Dr. Mark Pallen, author of The Rough Guide to Evolution, who had seen Brinkman’s internationally acclaimed Rap Canterbury Tales and wanted Brinkman to “do for Darwin what he had done for Chaucer.” In order to ensure scientific and historical accuracy, Brinkman consulted Pallen throughout the creative process, making The Rap Guide to Evolutionthe first peer-reviewed hip-hop show. Pallen has described Brinkman as having “swallowed the idea and turned it into a work of genius.”
That he has done, and with Baba’s material being used in hundreds of schools around the world already, the hope is that many more teachers and pupils can benefit from his original approach to understanding evolution. Having worked with the production company behind West End-hits such as Into The Hoods, Baba will unveil a website hosting the music videos and supporting resources to assist teachers as they venture through the Evolutionary world of Evolutionary science.
Come down for a mixture of live performance, stylish music videos and a Q & A session to find out more about The Rap Guide to Evolution and enjoy the show that the New York Times described as "astonishing and brilliant”. Reception afterwards at the theatre bar.

and here is a video for your viewing pleasure!

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