Monday, 18 July 2011

giggidy giggidy giggage

so, i've been going to a lot of awesome gigs, and havent posted much about them, and seeing as the photos are swamping my camera and phone memory, guess i better get 'em out there into the world wide web.

so 1st up, the pictures from hop farm i haven't already posted.....

these guys were parked next to us. i think it was the coolest "camper van" there. fuck yeah, a pick up with some tarpaulin and some sticks. i am so at that point in life where i wish i could just live in one of these. hassle free, roaming around, like a punk rock hobo. live would be so much more simple.

these guys on the other hand seemed to be prepared for some sort of epic safari. i'm pretty sure they were sorely disapointed with the lack of wildlife there. i think the only animals around were the drunken louts ... myself included.

this camper van clearly belonged to the perfect couple, inside were 2 wine glasses, 2 tea cups, 2 of everything all neatly arranged and immaculately kept. as adorable as it was, it was kinda sickening, for 2 reasons 
a) happy couples really exist
b) these people are living in some sort of deluded existence where if u act like a happy couple, then u will be.

either that or it belonged to a guy who was really hoping to get laid and thought that kinda shit would impress a chick.

gotta love the teepee too. 

as you can see, the crowd varied from yuppie on a day off to Amish youth who wandered into the wrong field whilst checking on his harvest. i can totally imagine he was stood at the bar forever and a day, convinced that he could purchase sustenance with beans. Oh, and lets not dismiss the 1970"s throw back who lives his life in constant turmoil, writhing in the knowledge that the without the CIA, acid would have never become as mainstream as it did, therefore Jimmi Hendrix = unintentional by-product of a top secret government organisation.
poor guy.

this guy quickly became my new best friend and my hero. not only was he the bearer of alcoholic beverages, but he had a beard that rivalled life itself. no mean feat.

this is the only photo i took during lou reed's set, and as u can tell, photographing lou wasn't my number 1 incentive for whipping out my camera.

i have no idea who this guy is, but i can tell from the order of photos on my memory card that this was well and trully after the festival had ended, and on my way to the exit. i'm guessing i must have accosted him for the simple reason he had a MONKEY HAT on. 

so that's the Hop Farm all blogged out.

Last week i managed to get on the cheap and cheeful guestlist to go see none other than the US Bombs. Amazing.

Bumped into Duane as soon as i got off the bus on my way to the pub to meet my peeps.

The gig was awesome, obviously.

But maybe the best part was chatting to Duane after the gig at my mates house. 

We got along pretty swimmingly, he said i have "an old soul" i said he was "old" (just kidding, i'd never tell Duane he was old)

i was also very very very impressed to find he was a Morrissey fan. All the best ones are. true story.


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