Monday, 18 July 2011

tattoo, weird people, my life

so, now i got all my gig posts well and trully outta the way, best get on with educating you lovely readers about the rest of my life and what i've been getting up to (aside from photographing old men... which is going immensely well, thanks for asking. what's that? u didn't ask?! well maybe you should have.)

so, first up, the latest session on Chris' torture garden sleeve....

added the detail on the dress, her hair, the colour in the parasol, the sky, and a fair amount round the back too.... still really enjoying this one, good times.

in other news, i noticed these 2 gems of human society on the SAME TRAIN the other day, and couldn't not get proof.

i dont care what u say..... that takes BALLS.

this guy was sat next to me reading a homemade book (genius or insanity.... i'll go with genius.) he'd cut print out's out and stuck them into a photo album. i think my favourite part was the fact he'd then gone in with a biro to make adjustments. amazing. what a legend.

in other news, yesterday i became a temporary hobo. Ross was collecting all his worldly possessions from my flat, and i had to be out from 9am til 9pm. it was a VERY long day. 

so took Milo out for an epically long walk. scouring the surrounding streets, car parks and parks for places i might wanna go skating at. I also spotted this gem....

annoyingly, the shop didnt open on sundays, as i didnt get up early enough today to run out and get it before work, so tomorrow *fingers crossed* it'll still be there, and become MINE.

also spotted this, which is worrying to say the least...

his t shirt reads "drink til she's cute"
he's drinking in the photo
the last line on this "appeal" reads "PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH THIS MAN ALONE (IF YOU'RE FEMALE)"
wow, some people should just stay missing as far as i'm concerned.

so after i had milked all the enjoyment out of the area i reside in, i headed into town. First port of call was my favourite comic shop. i figured i could at least kill a few hours there. This would have been an immensely successful plan.... if the shop was open. it wasnt. (just in case there was some confusion)

So then i wandered around, noting to self nothing was open. sundays in england are gay. 

so i found a nice doorway, and sat in it for about an hour. (i did say NICE doorway), so it wasn't all bad.

So once the rain had died down, i headed to a shop where a friend works on sundays.... and on the way i thought "wouldnt it be nice of me to buy her a bacon sandwich". so i did. i was feeling in a nice mood.
that is, until a weird man in the bacon sandwich shop decided to talk to me.... it went like this:
man : did those tattoos on your neck hurt?
me : yes
man : they are very beautiful...
me : thank you
man : i'd like to kiss them, can i kiss them?
me : no thanks (why i said 'thanks' is beyond me, but like i said, i was feeling nice)
man : no kisses?
me : no kisses.
man : ok, well next time i see you i will grab you! don't say i didn't warn you!
*at this point i pay for my sandwich's and leave the shop*
man *who at this point is screaming down the road at me* : i will grab you!!! I WILL GRAB YOU!!! DON'T SAY I DID'T WARN YOU!!!

so, needless to say, the madness had begun. my friend wasn't at the shop yet, so i found a nice piece of pavement sheltered from the rain and ate my sandwich. luckily by this point, i got a message from some friends heading into town asking if i wanted cocktails. of course i wanted cocktails. what a silly question.

so i still had some time to kill, and i had to buy some belated birthday presents for one of my cocktail companions. he likes cats. i got him these.....

i suggested he use the notebook as a tally of all the kittens who die from this point on due to his self gratifying genital rubbing. he didn't seem to think it was such a good idea.

so anyways, during my cat memorabilia mission, i also had the unlucky occurrence of getting accosted my a 'lucky heather pikey' . i ran through a covered overpass full of shops, safe in the knowledge that lucky heather pikeys couldn't go indoors. i was wrong. maybe it was the choice of "indoors".... maybe if it was an actual building (as oppsed to a corridor, basically) my pikey aversion knowledge would have held up. i'm not sure, and i'm sure as hell not gonna go looking one to try it out.

so, i met my mates in a cool shop where i found this.... 

went to the pub where i attempted to eat this...

i dont think i even managed a third. i tried. 

and then we drank these.....

that was our attempt at a black flag photo op. it didnt work too well.

i stopped taking photos after that point (except of old men of course.....)

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