Monday, 25 July 2011

i wish morrissey was right, and everyday was like sunday

so, yesterday was a kick ass day. started off waking up, having muesli (shoulda had coco pops being a sunday n all, but running out to the shop 1st thing on a sunday would kinda defeat the whole 'day of rest' thing.....)

had no plans for the whole day, and was in 2 minds whether that was awesome or just meant i had no friends..... the weather was beautiful, and i wanted to go out for a skate, but milo was basking,

and i didn't know whether to walk him, then skate, or go skate, then walk him..... so i did both at the same time. i took him skating.

theres a university next to my gaff, so sundays it's dead, so i can let milo run about care free, no people, no traffic. it was awesome. so while skating i started getting messages from the friends i wasn't sure i really had with plans for gigs/roasts/parks and such. 

roast sounded swell, so headed into camden to meet up with pieman and some lass (who i now know as hannah/my bitch) down from the land of scots. we hit it off pretty awesomely, and i think she came this (i am currently holding my forefinger and thumb millimetres apart) close to stealing milo.

took a while for me to scout out a dog friendly pub that was still serving roasts late in the day, and we ended up in the Crown n Goose.... or Goose n Crown.... who cares. anyways, i'm not even sure if it is technically 'dog friendly' coz i walked in and went "do u guys allow dogs inside?" busy busy angry at life in general barman goes 'depends on the dog' so i hold up milo, and barman goes 'pfffffff whatever'. i took that as a "yes, we would love you to come in, bring your friends, order drinks, eat food and tip us better than we deserve coz none of you have the correct change". so thats exactly what i did.

she couldn't believe milo could eat huge chunks of beef in the space of 2 seconds.... he got a lot of leftovers. kinda went like this....
"ok i'm gonna give him some beef".....
milo gobbles
"ok ok i'm gonna give him more beef"
milo gobbles 
"didnt even touch the sides!"
"ok who's got more leftovers?"
"ok lets give him some chicken"
milo gobbles
hysterical laughter.....
and on 

afterwards, my buddy mike came down with his dog, tony... there was a bit of a ned kelly style stand off to start with... it was kinda epic. coulda heard a pin drop, let alone a massive english bull terrier barking incessantly at my chihuahua.

outside the pub, a man stopped me as i walked by and asked if he could give milo some lamb. went like this...

man:can i give your dog some lamb?
me: ok, but he's....
man dangles lamb over my dog, then proceeds to slap my dogs back with dripping rank leftover lamb
me *thinking* what the fuck is going on?!
at some point, milo got the lamb, gobbled it....
man"more lamb"
me"no, he's...."
man gets more lamb, slaps dog, feeds dog.


so "lamb slapper" is my new favourite insult.

hannah has a sock thing, where she swaps one of her socks with strangers with cool socks. she might be on board with my old man photography quest now too. good stuff.

speaking of which, look at what i found the other day! i might just set up camp outside...


and lastly, what would a sunday be without me trawling through my local thrift shops? i'll tell ya what it would be...... crap.

so here's what i bought...

i'm hoping this works, it seems to have a bit of an issue with the loading mechanism for film, but i havent tried yet... just had a poke around. i think i still have some awesome lomo film i got in hong kong, and i reckon i'd get some pretty kick ass shots on this.... *fingers crossed*

and i got this....

it will go nicely with my afro comb i think. 

but in all seriousness, how the fuck are u supposed to use those knives and forks?! am i missing something..... coz i was always under the impression you tend to use them simultaneously. who knows. maybe i'm wrong.

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