Monday, 28 April 2008

the boys are back in town

So yeah, the navy are back and as always, I am absolutely swamped. Luckily they are here for a good few days this time round. Today was fully booked, all with navy who e mailed me to book in a few months ago. Tomorrow and Thurs (I do know wednesday comes before thurs but its my day off.....I havent lost my mind....yet) are booked up with navy who I gotta squeeze in and get stuff drawn up for asap. Already got people booking in who've been referred to me who are on the Ronald Reagan, which arrives in port in June. It's all go I tell ya!

Comeback Kid was the event of they century, it was awesome and I will post pics when i can. Anyways, thats my 2 cents for now as I gotta pack up and leave the studio so I can make the 3.30 ferry home. Good times.

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