Wednesday, 9 April 2008

ships have sailed

so monday was put aside for trying to catch up with some of the custom designs that have been waiting to be finished for about one month now. got about 5 outta the way, but still have a long list to get through. i have a gazillion angel designs i'm doing at the moment which is just weird, they've all come in at once and they r all pretty sizable, so i'm tryin to keep 'em all different which is proving a little hard.
anyways, i'm fully booked tattooing the rest of the week and all weekend, so wont be doing much drawing anytime soon. still havent even started the 2 skin and inks canvas' sat out the back of the shop yet either....
anyways, here's some more recent work (try and spot the navy piece! haha)


this lady's a nice one i've just done on a really good customer of mine...




Jules said...


That guy with the tattoos on the chest - love it - was that the naval piece?

Was there any significance to the design of the stars the way they were?



juju said...

yeah, they are compass' i guess he doesnt wanna get lost at sea!

kingginger said...

Hey, thanks for that - just wondering if there was a pattern to it - never thought I'd get a tattoo before now, but that patten looks great.

Just wanted to make sure you didn't have to be in the US Navy or something to utilise a design like that.

juju said...

oh no, its just a super simplified compass design.