Tuesday, 29 July 2008

biomechanical crazy skeliton dude.

So! today was spent doing 4 and a half hours of linework on this super colourful sleeve to be.....
he's booked in again for about 2 weeks, and we're gonna lay down the black shading.....then the goodness comes. the COLOUR! i normally really don't enjoy bio mech, but throw a skull in the mix, and i pretty much free handed the majority of it, so it was fun.




yesterday was spent well on 2 nice ol' roses, and i tattooed my brother at the end of the day. he's one of the few (FEW!) ppl who i'll work on for free, after all, blood is thicker than ink! haha



and finally, the star crossed website has been totally revamped! REVAMPED i tell ya! we even have guestbook now (fancy!) go friggin' sign it y'all! u might need to delete starcrossedtattoo.com from ur cache, coz websites and technology remember stuff, so check out the new, fancy ass, awesomeness that is www.starcrossedtattoo.com ! woo hoo!

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