Friday, 23 January 2009

dog on my back

so i gots me a chihuahua on me back and i'm about to go home, and suddenly the skies opened and no other than......rain came out. (i have to admit, i was a little disappointed after all this talk of these guys coming soon)
anyways, rain..... i dont tend to mind it, but right now i seem to b wearing the most absorbent outfit ever known to man.... so i figured i'd waste a little time. YOUR TIME! sorry! i cant stop apologising for these lame ass recent blogs.
anyways, i did a weird version of che today, and other stuff nnnnn now i'm just wasting time., 
by the way did u know all my favorite singers stole all my favorite lines?! I KNOW! WRONG!!!
so hopefully i'll post something half decent soon!
til next time.

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