Thursday, 22 January 2009

scripta doodle doo

so here's some recent script i did....

 fancied posting a blog and the only other things i had to post were from singapore, or need to be photoshopped together coz u cant see the whole tattoo in one pic. this will make sense when i post the butterfly~ ! anyways, quick post between customers and a quick chance to recap the mountains filled with the fruit of knowledge that have recently been passed down through countless generations of hardened blogger royalty.
the best news of all is that i got some more work done on my thigh piece. i'll post a pic as soon as i get my grubby hands on one for your eternal viewing pleasure. i cant wait til i get that piece finished. its gonna be the sistine chapel of my skin i tell ya! 

aww crap my customer just rocked up so this most is anything but fancy and high tech. please accept my apologies!
til next time!

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