Thursday, 15 January 2009

It's all go from here!

So I just flew back to HK late last night after working at the 1st annual Singapore tattoo convention, which went down a treat. I was pretty much fully booked which was great as I only had one person booked in over e mail!
The last day of the convention was my birthday and i managed to get Jo harrison to squeeze me in a sweet ass tattoo before i started work! (thanks!)
anyways, i'll post pics of the work i did and other stuff as soon as i find the cable to connect my camera to the computer! (havent quite unpacked, and i'm pretty sure i'm missing a lot...i think my frontal lobe might have slid under the bed.
Anyways, so went straight back to work to find out the guest artist i was expecting next week is here already coz he had visa trouble in good ol' China.
so it's all go! I havent designed ANY of the tattoos i've got in 2morrow, so its gonna be a long night!
Anyways, thought i'd better post at least a few rambles to show i'm still alive and havent been sucked into the digusting abyss that was under my hotel bed (which we soon discovered was a sex hotel) it was pretty rough. weird noises late at night that were even a consenting female or some sort of most definately un-consenting animal of kinds!
Anyways, i'd better stop procrastinating and get drawing...

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