Sunday, 25 January 2009

I'm watching you...

So I always hate tattooing other people in the industry, with their beady eyes n stuff. ! But the last 2 artists i worked on were super sweet and got stuff that i enjoyed tattooing so much that i totally forgot they weren't just an appendage......sounds weird but i promise it's a good thing!
So here's a piece i got to do on Brandi, a tattooist from Canada i met in Singapore at the convention. Was a sweet piece to do (once i finally got the bloody stencil on perfect )I get a bit obsessive about spacing when i'm fitting stuff between other stuff!

So i finally got it all pasted together on photoshop so u can see it in it's full glory. Taking a few days off over Chinese New Year which will be a nice break from the shop. Although i gotta draw all the tattoos for the end of the week still so we'll see if i'm not in the shop half the time!

 I need to get a proper desk at home coz it's starting to bug me like no tomorrow. All's i got is a teeny tiny computer desk or the dining room table which is carved wood so it ain't flat. not even close. well, not flat enough to draw on coz i gotta have like 5 meters squared for all my stuff to be strewn out and before u know it u'll be half way through a nice clean line, ur paper will shift and BAM! you put your pen through the paper coz of the fancy shmancy carving. 

Got 2 paintings finished yesterday coz i ended up being at work 15 hours straight! so while ross got tattooed i had some time to kill. I'm all the better for it! i'll post the paintings either later tonight or when i'm back at work on thursday. 


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