Monday, 19 January 2009


this is already my second try and i'm getting a little peeved......let me explain. so last night the master of the blog taught me all these new swishy fancy thingamegiggies i can try to do on my blog.....and so far......."try" has been the operative word.

Anyways, here are 2 pieces i did at the Singapore tattoo convention. The 1st pic is on a really sweet tattooer from Korea (shhhhhh! there are no tattooers in Korea.....move along)
The 2nd piece is on Ricky Sta.Ana's wife.
I was stoked to be getting the chance to be doing such awesome fun pieces. I dont think there was one piece i did at the show that i didnt really enjoy. 

anyways, i was getting there but now i gotta go not so fancy now eh? sorry! i'll find more stuff to post later hopefully and then i'll get FANCY

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