Saturday, 8 March 2008

Eyes the colour of soup

So had a manic day. One of those days where you think to yourself "ahh it wont be too bad, I aint got much on" and then all of a sudden the gates of sod's law open before you and you have a lot of shit to do (A LOT).
So got 4 tattoos done and 2 designs finished, and I notice as I'm going through my list of pieces waiting to be done, that it is NEVERENDING! I cant remember the last time I had nothing to do. I miss that time, even though I cant remember it!
Dont get me wrong, I love my job, and I would be devistated if I came to work everyday and twiddled my thumbs, but it reminded me of this weird (or genius) theory I had as a kid.

So I'd be eating (or do you say drinking?) soup, and I never used to like the soup...I cant remember why, probably because as a kid I was even fussier than now, which is quite a feat, but soup.
And I'd be convinced that somehow someway it would reconstruct its molecular being and therefore never be finished, no matter how much I ate/ parents used to be so pissed I never finished my soup, and I thought the world was against me!
Anyway, this reminded me of I just sound like I'm drunk on soup. Nevermind!

Heres a shot of me workin on a nice piece recently

tattoo hong kong

And here's a nice little one shot I did! Been looking forward to doing this one and now its done.
Got a couple pieces in tomorrow, one could be either interesting or a chore...havent decided yet! haha
Until then.....farewell


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