Sunday, 16 March 2008

Since when was it daylight?

So, we had another gig at Pier Pressure yesterday, got some cool photos of the bands among things....will post em as soon as i get them onto my computer.
It's pretty late and I'm half way through watching the "Happiness of the Katakuris" before I get 40 winks.
Should have some more tattoo pics tomorrow, got a few nice ones lined up...

Anyways, as promised ( I know its not as soon as I said but dont trust my deadlines... I think my deadline world has three different moons orbiting it which can throw timescales up in the air)
Heres the 1st canvas I did for the press release of the upcoming Skin & Inks exhibition. I'll put the proper press release for it at some point too so that some of ya might vaguely begin to start understanding what in the bejeezus I'm talkin bout.


Happy St Patricks day everyone, dont do anything I wouldnt do.

happy st patricks day

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