Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Seizure salad

So me being me, I come on here thinkin "i'll just quickly post a blog....it wont take long"....then i realise i dont have any recent photos uploaded, so i'm like "ok this wont be so bad....." then i find out i'm uploading over 600 pictures. so 3.30am will prob turn into 4.40...
hopefully i'll have a few more tattoo pics, and o' course some Irish pics (PICS not PIES).
tick tock tick tock...oooooh only 250 left.....

{short interlude}: so had a good few days, awesome st paddy's nite, great music and some lethal little leprichaun {spelling?) shots they were handin' out.

tick tock.....148 to go.....

ok so iphoto just "unexpecdately quit just before it ended uploading so i gotta start all over again (did i ever mention how much i hate computers?)

So now....no word of a lie, Safari just quit.....oh my god, some sick twisted microchip is playing a prank on me i tell ya.
been waiting a good 40 mins now....and really wanna go to sleep...

ok safari just quit 3 more times, i've got the pics on my computer but i think photobucket it in a really bad mood, cant resize anything.

Right, officially giving up.

So having a quick cigarette whilt watching Cow n Chicken on Cartoon network, then off the bed.....funny how 5 mins turns into over an hour.

If you read this post, I apologise, it was much more interesting but I've had to go back and delete all the "intros" to the pics I was GONNA post.

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