Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hard boiled

So, did some awesome black nad grey roses today, but unfortunately didnt get a photo as i was adding on to an older tattoo (not by me) that was just in the way if ya know what i mean. So taking liberties and taking tomorrow off. Gonna go watch Horse the Band tomorrow which should be ... interesting!
doop doop bee boop if ya know what i mean.
So gonna try and give photobucket a chance to redeem itself and see if i can get some pics posted this time round.
Gimme a sec....
Ok sweet thundercats are go.
Heres a nice rose i did this week. Its her first tattoo and she sat like a champ, pretty much gave me total free riegn which is always a bonus.

star crossed hong kong tattoo

Here are the 2 best pics i got from St Paddie's. Got a few of the band we watched, but these are much better.



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