Tuesday, 14 April 2009

day off tomorrow, not an off day today!

awesome, tomorrow's my day off and i have NOTHING to do. i mean, there's stuff i can do....and i'm sure there's stuff i will do, but nothing i HAVE to do! no designs HAVE to be done! i'm sure i should, but they can wait til thursday night's mad rush! hooray!
so i got the artwork for West East magazine finished, on time can u believe it!? so on thurs i'll get it scanned, send it off and then post it right here! how exciting!

So super quick post before i go to the pub.....ahh the sacred establishment where the cider flows freely, who could want more?

I thought i'd post todays doings. i know i know...all my customers have been not showing or rescheduling and i was kinda thinking i may never tattoo again, but all was solved when todays customer showed up on time, ready for the fun of having her ribs poked for a few hours.

In other news, looks like i'll be busy busy busy with not one but 2 navy's! one from each side of the world soon. so should have some fun pieces coming up in the next few months. Got a real nice piece to do on thursday too so my blog wont suck so much.....i hope!

Til then....

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