Saturday, 25 April 2009

Look what i found!

So i was trying to find a large pic of one of the canvas' i did for skin:inks, and stumbled across an awesome review from Inked magazine! Check it out HERE!

Then i found a really funny review i had forgotten about from Time Out magazine that said (regarding Skin:inks exhibition 2008)

While a few of the exhibition’s pieces look like they’ve come straight out of a high school art class, there are also promising new talents in the midst. Julia of Star Crossed studios in Tsim Sha Tsui shows the range of her ability in three canvases from old school Americana designs to graffiti-esque works to traditional Chinese bamboo and cherry blossom. “It’s the next best thing to a tattoo convention,” says the Hong Kong-born artist. “You’re able to judge who has artistic merit.”

Julia represents the new generation of Hong Kong tattoo artists who are increasingly using custom work over flash designs (generic designs that a client chooses, and has traced onto their skin), highly personalized works that are increasingly in demand in a hype-individualistic society.

Anyways, not much else to post, i'm at home sick today, and i left my i pod in a taxi yesterday...i dunno, must have been feeling generous.

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