Monday, 27 April 2009

wan chai shit pie

So here's the mess i had to attempt to make into a passable tattoo.

The thing that really kills me about this piece (apart from the fact that it was done in a "tattoo studio" and not in a lab by a trained monkey), is the fact the script was done upside down, and the cross the "right" way up, so either way u look at it, it's wrong. WRONG I SAY! grrrr
anyways, did what i could, but it's like they say, "you can put pearl earrings on a pig, but it doent make it pretty."
whatever, she's happy now so i'm happy now........til the next one!

In other news, the shop has been really busy recently which is good, May's getting booked up nicely, and the navy r in next week, so we'll see if i get any fun pieces to do! it's almost my day off which i cant wait for, i've been opening early these past few days to fit all my rescheduled customers from the sick day i took, and i'm knackered. tomorrows super busy too, so wednesday will be a much needed break.

Ok everyone, sleep tight, and remember....

Think before you ink!
The reason for this rule,
and upon this I've often thunk,
is that nothing rhymes with sober,
but plenty rhymes with drunk.

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