Monday, 13 April 2009

insane in the membrane

ok, so as promised, here are the photos of me tattooing a guy's FOREHEAD! crazy i tell ya!

ok, so lemme explain! basically, this guy had a scar from his hairline down his forehead, and it was way lighter than his natural skin tone, and he had begged me to help disguise it. i tried talking him out of the idea, and made sure he understood there was no way it would be a PERFECT match, but i'd do my best. So.... after spending a while mixing up a flesh tone super close to his, we got to work. It went better than i was expecting to be honest, and it was awesome tattooing a dude's forehead....never thought i'd ever do that! We'll just have to wait and see how it heals, this may take a few sessions, maybe not...there's no knowing....

Just to clarify ya'll....this does NOT mean i do cosmetic tattooing, i do not do eyeliner, lipliner, beauty spots etc! I just felt really bad for this guy, and he had pestered me so much and i knew how much it meant to him.

Anyways, i need to get back to the drawing board and get my head down......not done nearly as much as i hoped to on the design for the magazine... i'll post a pic when it's done though.


Monster Sid said...

haha thanks!
isnt forehead massage even more awesome? ;p
i remember when i was doing some lines on my friend cheeks.. the skin was vibrating like crazy! ;]
regards from berlin!

Clara said...

ah. help even out my tan, will you? :)