Thursday, 2 April 2009

taco's n tattoos

So today was the day after the night before. It pained me just to crawl outta bed. Luckily i had no bookings til later in the day (i think ahead sometimes, uh huh!) So here's todays piece. Basically, Monsieur Adam here is going around collecting flowers from around the world. Here's the one i did for him.

Pretty much finished off a very globetastic floral sleeve! Got my big brother in 2 morrow and i havent designed his piece yet, well thats a lie, i sketched it out ages ago, then i got to thinking..... then i dunno .... i kinda drove myself a little obssively crazy thinking bout it, and i havent looked at it since i did it so many weeks ago i cant even remember what it looks like, so gotta get in early tomorrow to get that all finished up and smoothed out before i set in in skin!

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