Sunday, 26 April 2009


So, my last appointment today decided not to turn up, so i have a minute to blog. Here's what i got up to yesterday. She's out on the town, all dolled up.

Tomorrow is crazy busy, over booked if anything, a lot of appointments that got juggled around this week coz i've been feeling ill still. Should have a cover up... well another "Hong Kong special" tattoo i'm attempting to make passable for a half decent tattoo. Just hope i remember to take a before pic this time! Been in the habit of forgetting recently so theres been a few cover up's i havent posted. Before picture....before picture....i'll try and drum it into my head! (although this one's such a beauty i doubt i'll forget! the girl came in like, the next day, or maybe 2 days after it was done already asking for my help! this shit infuriates me. sometimes i wonder if the guy behind half of the crap i end up fixing had a stroke and just didnt realise. or maybe he gets bored and tattoos left handed, or with his eyes closed, .... or drunk. i dunno.)
anyways, til then.....

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