Monday, 18 May 2009

3's the magic number.

So i am now fully booked until mid June which is great, and yet makes me wonder, why the hell have i had 3 cancellations this week?! one is probably gonna reschedule, one is a douche, and one had to leave the country early. i'm not saying which is which, but i will say that i didnt get to do that geisha i was so looking forward to doing :(
so for anyone interested in getting a walk in, swing by tomorrow, i have absolutely nothing booked in now coz i had the whole day put aside for a big dragon. at least it looks like my day off this week will actually be a day off and not a manic get stuff drawn day for the week!

Maybe i'll colour ross' throat...or maybe i'll finish that painting i started, or maybe i'll just sit around pissed off my time got wasted...

who knows!

anyways, in other news, I'm going to beijing on fri for...well i get there at 4pm and i leave at 8am. so i'm hoping i find a nice bar to pass out in for a few hours! Gonna go see exciting!

(and yes i know, i am probably a little old to be so excited about seeing them, but i've been a huge fan since i was like, 13 and they r one of my few favorite bands that are still together.) so i'm a little giddy ....giddy giddy giddy!)

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