Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Is there something on my face?

ok so it's gone 12am, so technically it's my day off now....and i'm still at work. doesnt seem right, right?! anyways, here's what i got up to at the earlier on today, it's a cover up of a non descript Disney character. i think i deleted the before pic, but it doesnt matter too much...i'm getting used to either not taking one, or deleting them, or losing them in the mass if files that start with "DSC...." on my computers!

it's not the best pic in the world, but this was session 2 and what had healed was still very shiny...if i was a magpie i woulda tryed to fly off with his leg me thinks....

ok anyways, then i doodled out this and i just finished lining it when i noticed how late it is now.

looking back i wish i'd put a lily in her hair then this piece could be "Tigerlily" but NO...didnt happen. doom i tell ya.
anyways, i'm gonna take this home and maybe, if beer o clock doesnt come too early in the day, maybe then i'll get her finished.

i aint got no technology to blog with at home, so til thurs...

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