Thursday, 14 May 2009

doe, a deer, a female deer, ray, a drop of golden sun....

ok so busy busy day again. so here's what i got up to....

so starting the day i had this summery piece of goodness. it was kinda hard to get a good pic, my camera has really been playing up, and i've been having the hardest time getting the external flash to work. matter what angle i took the pic from, one of the deers faces looked a little distorted. its right up on her shoulder blade, and if i held the camera too high, i got crazy glare! like "BAM!"

ok then i did this piece. its on a kiwi who was only here for a few weeks, and he originally wanted the full sha-BANG! background and all that fancy stuff, but all i could squeeze in before he left was the dragon all on its lonesome. even that kept me working til the wee hours of the morning.

tomorrow is another crazy busy day, i booked in a last minute piece on another guy who's just dropping by hong kong, and i really shouldn't have....(but its a cool traditional geisha he brought in and i couldnt resist!) coz i'm gonna go see sham 69 play....but i'm hoping i'll finish work and still make the gig...... god i better or i'll be so pissed. SHAM 69! cant go wrong!

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