Friday, 1 May 2009

Tattoos are for Sailors and Prostitutes!

So, the australian navy arrived, and my customer who had booked in about a month ago got one of 2 pieces we were planning on doing. After a solid 4 and a half hours on his stomach, he decided to call it quits, and to be honest, i was glad coz this piece took it outta me! I hate tattooing stomachs at the best of times, and looking back, i'm a retard for putting so many bloody lines (that's bloody as in fuckin' not bloddy as in ooze!) into this piece! haha, nevermind, it's done and "knuckle dusted"!

He was happy, i was happy he sat so still even though he hated me for a good 3 of the 4 and a half hours i was working on him. poor guy, i really get uncomfortable when the customer has clearly had enough and we're no way near finishing, but like a trooper, a trooper of the sea, he sat through it like a champ! This is pretty much the best pic i got, there's a glare on a scar he has, towards the bottom left, but that was in all the photos.

Got another cool piece in tomorrow, not on a navy guy, just a guy, traveling around. gonna fix up a recent piece he had done and do a new piece on the other arm. Finally, some pieces worth blogging about!

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