Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dead arms tell no tales.

So i'm a little outta date with my blogs, so heres one that shoulda been posted on Monday, only i didnt finish work til about midnight, and by the time i had designed tuesdays tattoos, it was 5am! It's been an insanely hectic week, i've been working my arse off and i feel like sleeping for a week.

Anyways, a mate of mine, Captain Danny (he used to be the most ruthless and toothless pirate in all the seventeen seas...yes seventeen....this was a long long time ago!) left Hong Kong on wednesday for good, and we had to cover-up this piece that's been driving him crazy before he set sail to Canadian shores. I really had no idea what to cover this with, especially as it had to fit into his nautical themed sleeve to be.... and i dunno how, or why, but in a drunken cab ride home at about 4am a few days before his appointment, i suddenly thought we could cover it with a ships wheel. It was not an easy cover up, especially as it was on his elbow and it was kinda limited to size as he has stuff below this piece.

It was a difficult one to design, and we were pretty pushed for time, but we stated at half four, and Danny sat like a champ for a good 6 hours.

Here's the whole lot we managed to do that day.....

And just to keep y'all informed on all things pirate, here's some lesser known ( and some of my personal favorite ) pirate phrasing for your viewing pleasure:

Poop deck - the part of the ship farthest to the back, which is usually above the captain's quarters. This is not the bathroom.
Man-O-War - pirate's ship outfitted for battle
Scurvy dog - the pirate is talking directly to you with mild insult
Son of a Biscuit Eater - insult directed towards someone you don't like
Three sheets to the wind - someone who is very drunk. One sheet is mildly drunk and four sheets is passed out.
Blow me down! - expression of shock of disbelief akin to "Holy Crap!"
Dead men tell no tales - phrase indicating to leave no survivors

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