Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tuesday's child is full of grace

OK, so here's the post that woulda shoulda been posted yesterday, but after 8 hours tattooing and finishing work at well past midnight, once again, i just couldnt bring myself to! Instead, we went to the wrap party of a tv show bout tattooing thats done a little filming here in Hong Kong. One of my customers got a fighting cock by Ami James on his shoulder blade, Nunez and Yoji (spelling?!) were also in town, and it was a pleasant surprise to see good ol' Jimmy Ho (his Dad was HK's first tattooist and he's kinda one of the forefounders of Hong Kong's small little tattoo "scene" if you can call it that.

Here's my favorite piece from yesterdays madness, it's a cover up (she had CHELSEA and a star on her wrist but i forgot to take a before pic)

Yesterday absolutely wore me out, and even though today was my day off i've been crazy busy going to the opening of the huge art fair at the convention centre (it was really good and i recommend it highly) i love art show openings, free booze and all that jazz.
To name a few artists who really stood out for me are:

Lin Tianlu
Callum Innes
Hua Qing
Ben Quilty
and last but by no means least, one of my personal favorites from right here in Hong Kong, Simon Birch.


Clara said...

i was looking through modblog today, and got a nice surprise when i saw a very familiar piece there...

congrats on making modblog.


Eyeswideshut* said...

Wow, Just saw the pic of my Blue Roses and skull that covered the previous tattoo. I love it soooooo much Julia. XD Your line work is fantastic and the tattoo is a serious hit with everyone back in Londinium! I should be coming back to Hong Kong later this year and when I do, I'll come in for another flower piece on the other wrist...This time let's do purple and Gray!!!! looking forward to visiting the studio again soon. Lulu xxx