Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bird of pray for salvation!

OK, so yesterday was quite possible the longest day ever. really, like in the history of time.

I had to get to work early coz i had the entire design to draw before opening, managed to get it done on time, so by the time my 4:30 appointment showed up, we were good to go. I had the entire day put aside for this guy, coz not only were we doing this piece, but also fixing up a piece he recently got done on holiday. I figured we'd start with this piece first, in case he didn't sit too great and all i got to do was the fix up!

OK so i'm a retard, and after complaining about how many outlines were in the last piece i did, i think i topped the outline time taking charts with this one! (well, it's a mixture of lots of outlines, and sun damaged skin. it took soooooo sooooo soooo long to get the outline in solid n clean. ) Halfway through this piece i realized this was gonna be a long, long, long day. this was about 5 to 6 hours work, and after this, we did another 2 hours on the fix up. i was dead by the end of it. i think yesterday turned out to be a 12 hour day by the end of it all. the worst thing was, i couldn't even get a really good photo, but i figured i'd post it anyways, coz my back deserves it!

today and tomorrow are much easier days, thank god, and i'll hopefully have something else to post soon!
til then y'all, til then.....

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