Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bloomin' hell!

ok so as promised here's todays piece. ok ok so it's not exactly RIGHT after i did it, but it's the same day (i count days as.... well if i havent slept yet it still counts as the same day!)

also finished off a half sleeve i've been workin on on and off for a while now, but couldnt get a good pic coz some of the last sections of colour swelled up loads so the pics came out a bit funky lookin'! should get a healed pic soon though.
Finally got my portfolio ready to send off to london too so quite an eventful day really!

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Hey there , missy !! Absolutely ! If you haven't slept yet it's still the same day !!! What's happening in London ?? Oh ... And yes , I'm still at the shop until the 13th of July ! 2 weeks ...