Thursday, 18 June 2009

hibiscus......funny lookin' word!

ok so today has totally worn me out, and even though yesterday was my day off, it sure didnt feel like one. what with all the running around, arguing with stoopid embassy types, filling in paperwork, then having to fill in MORE paperwork coz my signature went outside of the red box....god forbid. then going through my tax forms, and all the paperwork for the last few months, then going home in a mad rush to get the designs that were due drawn up.....BAH!

ok so this was a fun lil piece i started the day off wirh. i aint used to being limited as far as my colours go, but she was adamant (no not Adam Ant) that i only used red n brown. so i poured every shade of red and every shade of brown i had, snuck a little yellow n white in there too but shhhhhhh, it's all in the mix!

it's on the ribs, (hard to tell from this pic) and although she really didnt enjoy this, she sat well. 10 points young missy, 10 points well earnt!

tomorrow i start the day with a super sweet piece, and finish it with a cover up i've been dreading for a month. pfffffff
til then y'all!

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