Tuesday, 16 June 2009

coin purse

ok so what better time to blog than 3 am, after getting back from a retardedly long day at work? ok so i was gonna blog yesterday, but i ran outta hours in the day, so i'm doing yesterdays work today....well technically now it's tomorrow but lets not nit pick eh?

so long story short, i owed a favour to a mate who walked my dogs while i was away at the singapore convention in jan. (yeah, i know i know....january was like 10 years ago, but better late than never right? i always keep my promises, i just never keep the time)

so he is like Mr Metalhead, and has been wanting a dimebag daryl tattoo for forever. he didnt really want a portrait as such, i call it more of a poor-trait..... and so he e mailed a pic he liked, and e mailed a pic of the guitar he wanted, and this is what i threw together. i think if i knew how to use the ever mystical photoshop, this would have taken me half the time it took to design it, but whatever.

finally something to blog about!

so i've been getting into the habit of not even getting sleepy til 5am, and it's starting to kill me. tomorrow i gotta go get my new passport sorted for when i fly to the UK in aug, and i'm meant to be getting up at like 10am so wish me luck crawling outta bed early on none other than my day off.


nic said...

that is so badass. you nailed the spirit of dimebag for sure... really love it julia!

lowlight said...

I love the splattered ink look!

kristle said...

Photoshop's not too hard to use, I used to suck at it, but I managed to learn the basics in a day. You should try it! And come back to Singapore for next year's convention!