Thursday, 25 June 2009

Go folk yourself!

So yesterday i had a mad rush to meet a man about a thing in wan chai, to entrust him with my brand spankin' new portfolio ready for my trip to london. Plan is, he's gonna fly halfway across this little planet we all inhabit, and drop it off at my work establishment to be...... fingers crossed his plane doesn't burst into a ball of flames, or his luggage gets swallowed by the goblins who live in the baggage carousel, or..... he FORGETS TO PACK IT! ahhh worry worry worry.

anyways, after getting semi drunk with the man in question, i rushed home for a good ol' BBQ. the weather man was wrong, there was no rain, and no hot dogs ended up a soggy mush on the grill. good stuff!
so i did this piece on tues night last thing, but didnt have time to post it, after all i promised i'd post the other pic, so here's the piece on the boyfriend of the "bloomin' hell" girl ! For all y'all who dunno who Woody Guthrie is, here's a lil' taster.

and here's the sweet tattoo i had the pleasure of doing! (who wouldn't wanna do a woody guthrie tattoo, right?!) this is one of his lil' sketches from way back when.

anyways, it's 2am, and i am finally done for the day, and i got me a whole bunch of "I love Lucy" to watch, and a whole load of beer left over from the BBQ!

til next time.

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