Wednesday, 3 June 2009

dont you know that the longer you live, the sooner you get to die?

ok so another post kinda part of my Beijing blogathon which admittedly is taking far too long, but every time i have a minute to blog, i'm on the wrong computer (the one WITHOUT all the pics i keep meaning to post.....)
ok so here's a funny story...

we leave the gig, we've eaten the food in the restaurant with the worst menu translator ever...and its like, ooh...4am. we still had a few hours to spare before we headed back to the airport, so we hooked up with guys that had a few bars to hit, and a car (way way way big added bonus!) ok, so just as we r getting into the car, this awesomely insane photogpapher runs up to us, and in his best broken english, asks if he can take our photos coz "he loves our style". so we're drunk, and had time to burn so we're all like "yeah, sure" so he's like "ok stand in the road" and coz we're all drunk n shit we're all like "ok"

so we r standing in the middle of a busy road (i know its 4am but beijing seems to never sleep and there were cars coming from both sides) and suddenly, i'm like "ok, i think i'm gonna die. (car speeds past, skims my leg) yeah, really, i think i'm gonna die or at least get really really hurt......."

anyways, we end up standing there dodging traffic trying to show off our "cool style (haha)" while mr crazy photo guy kneels in the road a few metres in front of us.

needless to say, i didnt die, or get even a little mangled, as bad as the driving is in beijing, they do tend to try their best not to hit drunk people in the middle of the road.....bonus.

so the guy e mailed a pic from that night, which to be honest...i never thought i'd even see any evidence of, and its a pretty cool pic, *note how awesome the lighting is coz we had car headlights from front and back!*

check out his photo blog HERE!

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