Friday, 12 June 2009

walkin' down the street just draggin' my feet

ok, so very busy work. too busy if that's possible, and coz i'm fully booked, i'm ending up squeezing little bits n bobs into places that shouldnt be squeezed into....that's not meant to sound as odd as it does.... anyways....
i've been getting pretty sick to death of Hong Kong recently, and the few FEW good gigs that i've had the pleasure of going to recently have almost ALMOST been keeping me sane.

Anyways, I cant wait to go back to the UK in Aug. Its gonna be awesome AWESOME! 4 days of sweet bands @ Rebellion Fest, then a tattoo convention, then a week or so more in London working half the time at Flamin Eight, and half the time at Haunted. Needless to say, I'll be coming back with some new tattoo! woo hoo WOO HOO! i havent been tattooed since january, so i'm well due.

Got to do a nice little snug piece up in the armpit region of a guy with a beautiful BEAUTIFUL (i dunno why i'm typing like this, dont ask) sleeve by Dana Helmuth from New York Adorned. It's always nice to see sweet work up n close in person. When I went to Beijing for MxPx, Mike (the bass/singer) had some awesome work by Oliver Peck, and that too was great to see in person. I dont think I've posted any recent work for a while, but to be honest, i've either been starting big stuff, or doing stuff that's not my kinda blog post stuff (script, tribal, bio mech, etc etc....)

so i figured i'd just post something, anything recent, so here's a teeny tiny flower on a wrist i did the other day. enjoy!

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