Monday, 8 June 2009

boogie monsters!

So!!! i am finally getting the chance to give my liver a break from the manic 3 day bender i just had with the Bembol Rockers! Went to see them at the Fringe club on fri, then we got them a gig playing Ned Kelly's on Sat, and they were asked back on Sunday! Awesome band, awesome group of guys and good times had by all. They left Hong Kong this morning, so yesterday i had to get to work early to squeeze them in for some new tattoos. I was meant to tattoo 2 of the guys, but i only had time for Lakshmi, the double bassist. I'll catch up with Mark sometime somewhere to sort him out too, whether we go to Manila or they come back here!
More photos to come, but here's a few taken last night...

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